Solution Overview

At first glance, the lifts don't seem too different from each other. However, upon closer inspection, there are important differences that could affect the safety of your facility. This is why a dedicated elevator access control system can be the key to keeping a multi-floor facility safe.

Elevator Access Control can be an option to secure access to high-rise buildings. Elevator Access Control controls who is allowed to access each floor in your building. We can set this system in such a way, to be safe but also flexible.
Solution Features
• Convenience - only access card holders can use the elevator
• Flexibility - Access cards are only issued to those who are entitled
• Can be used to give access to the user for any floor and any time
• This system can be used to control any number of elevators, depending on the setting
• Some owners choose to use a password or biometric code instead of an access card
Solution Scenarios
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