Solution Overview

Understanding how your space is currently being used is vital to the management and maintenance of a building. The TrafficWIT People Counting and Occupancy Platform analyses data from a network of people counting sensors. The cloud-based solution enables you to view both live and historical data of the building, identify strategic locations, customer behaviour pattern as well as monitor the occupancy level within the building. This helps in crowd management and ensures compliance with the occupancy limits set out by the authorities.

The data can also be used to properly queue visitors for access to designated areas, detect potentially dangerous situations and optimise the placement of spaces within the venue. This is especially important for entertainment and large venues such as theme park, sports hall, church and public transportation terminal. With TrafficWIT, you will be able to ensure your visitors enjoy the venue and do so safely.
Solution Features
• Building occupancy. Ensure compliance to occupancy limits set out by the authorities
• Crowd management. Allow operation team to make fact-based decision and react quickly in dispersing people
• Improve passenger satisfaction. Provide a more seamless and speedy travel experience by reducing queuing times
• Identify the ideal staff-to-visitor ratio and staffing arrangement to optimise operational costs
• Optimise energy consumption. Reduce utility costs and equipment operation by understanding occupancy usage throughout the building
• Maximise space usage. Increase worker productivity by providing optimum room layouts and correct number of meeting rooms
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