Solution Overview

It is really quite simple to protect cabinets and drawers (especially in the office) to prevent unauthorised persons from looking at your files or gaining access your valuables. They are versatile, compact and have high operating comfort. Cabinet locks can be used instead of the standard machanical locks or additionally as electrical access control. The cabinet lock is versatile and can be installed either at the side or front, regardless of whether it is used for drawers or doors.

A potential-free change-over contact that has a variety od uses is also available: It shows for example, the opening state of the door or it can be used for evaluation purposes. It can also be used for additional switching functions so that, e.g. when the The cabinet lock can be locked simply by a key switch, or if locking requires electronic control, recording and monitoring, the cabinet lcok can also be combined with a code or card reading system.
Solution Features
• Furniture frame
• Secure lcoking of furniture (wood)
• versatile
• Compact
• high operating comfort
• Used instead of machanical locks or additionally as electrical access control
• Installing either at the side or front
• Optional: potential-free changeover contact for status display, analysis or other switch functions
Solution Scenarios
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