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Fire Alarm System is an early warning system against fire hazards in a building that works automatically to detect fires, fires, temperature changes that can cause fires so that they can provide initial information to the occupants of a building about a fire hazard. Fire alarm systems generally consist of smoke sensors (smoke detectors), heat sensors (heat detectors), fire sensors (flame detectors), gas sensors (gas detectors) and other fire sensors which are controlled by a control panel (Master Control Fire Alarm / MCFA) to then provide early warning in the form of sound through alarm bells, in the form of indicator lamps and other fire alarm system equipment so that building occupants and firefighters can take anticipatory steps to prevent wider fires from occurring. on a building.
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Fire Alarm functions to notify when there is danger and damage or unexpected events on the network through a signal so that it gives a clear warning so that it can be anticipated. Fire alarm installation and equipment functions as an early detection tool for fire hazard, so that the fire hazard that occurs can be dealt with immediately so that a greater and fatal risk can be avoided. The benefit of the alarm is to reduce the consequences or risk of loss from accidents/fires that occur. When a fire occurs, the sensor on the alarm will detect an accident/fire, so that at the same time the alarm will send a warning signal through a sound indicating a problem has occurred. Thus efforts to rescue will be more alert and losses from accidents/fires will also be reduced.
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