Key Electronic
Purely Electronic Locking System
CLIQ Go is the future-oriented solution for small companies and private users.The CLIQ® Go app adds a new dimension to security, because you can check and control access from your mobile device. ASSA ABLOY developed this app to provide the person in charge of a masterkeysystem with a time saving digital solution. The app can be intuitively used and the system can be accessed and administered from the mobile phone, tablet or PC. A few "taps" are enough to programm, control or change individual access permissions.

Locking system based on proven CLIQ® technology – reliable and uncomplicated electronics with the proven quality and durability of the IKON brand of precision mechanical components. The system is controllable remotely. The cloud-based system works seamlessly via the CLIQ® Go app. The electronic contact between keys and locking cylinders serves to transmit both power and data securely

The microelectronics in the programmable, waterproof key and the compact electronic locking cylinder guarantee maximum security – reliably and without complications. CLIQ® Go solves the problem of lost keys. Because every key is individually programmabletter where you are., locking rights can be deleted easily – no ma
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