ASSA ABLOY establishes new eCLIQ key concept

ASSA ABLOY establishes new eCLIQ key concept

ASSA ABLOY Sicherheitstechnik GmbH is completing its innovative eCLIQ key concept with an improved update of the eCLIQ keys “Professional” and “Connect”. The entire key portfolio impresses with great flexibility and compatible application options for a wide range of uses.

As an innovative company, ASSA ABLOY develops modern security technology for private, commercial and public buildings and is constantly expanding its product portfolio – including that of eCLIQ. The purely electronic locking system of the CLIQ® family is suitable for all types of properties and a variety of application areas. Its specific features, great flexibility and convenient management make it equally interesting for high-security areas as well as industrial and infrastructure companies. The new eCLIQ key generation now offers even greater security leeway for operators.

The right key for every requirement

The “Professional” is the new eCLIQ key, which many users of the electronic locking system solution are already familiar with as a standard eCLIQ key. This is now being replaced by it. In contrast to its predecessor, it impresses with a significantly longer battery life of ten years or around 100,000 locking operations. It can also be equipped with an RFID chip on which different information can be stored. The new "Professional" also impresses with its high-quality appearance, even more robust workmanship and an optical user display in the form of a large LED window. It is also able to support locking events with audible signals.

Within the new eCLIQ key concept, the “Connect” is the key equipped with additional Bluetooth capability. It is therefore ideal for decentralised organisation – but also for private end customers. The Bluetooth function is activated via a button on the key. By using the CLIQ® Connect app, the user can then use time- or location-limited access authorisations from anywhere, whether on the move or at home, such as for external employees. The app reduces the time required to manage access authorisations. Like the “Professional”, the “Connect” has a larger LED window and an additional blue LED for even more comprehensible readability of the user information. The new Connect key also has an optimised, longer battery life of around two years or 20,000 locking operations

Compatible with more than 60 locking cylinders

"With our new generation of keys, we now have the right key for every application requirement. In addition, every key combination is possible with each other and with the more than 60 available eCLIQ locking cylinders," explains Michael Buchholz, Head of Sales Product Groups at ASSA ABLOY Sicherheitstechnik GmbH. "This creates a great deal of flexibility that has never existed before for electronic locking systems. For our customers, this means that they can hardly make any wrong decisions when choosing keys – because they can upgrade or downgrade to another eCLIQ key at any time." The system offers a further advantage: The new keys can also be used as part of CLIQ Go, the locking solution for private users and small companies.
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